Hail Damage? We’re your local team!

Colorado’s weather keeps us watching the forecast every morning. We live in an area that is so difficult to forecast! The same goes for our house protection. We don’t know when that hail storm will hit. We specialize in insurance claims to help you take care of the damage caused by unforeseen, or even foreseen! weather damages. If you’ve had any troubles, give us a call and let us find out what we can do to help with a free inspection! (719) 428-9321. Or send us an e-mail at joatgc@gmail.com. We’re here to help you take care of the roof over your head.

Free Maintenance with Inspection!

Jayne of all Trades, Inc. will do free roof maintenance (a $100 value) for free when you sign up to get your full property inspection, also for free! Enter your information below if you would like us to contact you with more details! (Please put “inspection” for the subject.)

Free Roof Giveaway!

Jayne of All Trades, Inc. is giving away a free roof to one lucky winner! Submit your information below to enter. Please put “roof giveaway” in the subject!